Parent & Player Info

CFHA has several policies in place to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience on the ice 

Equipment Policy

Mandatory equipment is set by HNB, this includes:

  • Players: CSA approved helmet with proper chin strap, and face mask, Hockey skates (not goalkeeper type for goalies, protective hockey gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, knee and shin protection (must be of hard shell type), Hip, tailbone and genital protection, Approved neck protector.
  • Goalkeepers: must wear all of the equipment specified above but may: omit shoulder pads and where goalkeeper type skates, and must wear goalkeepers leg pads and chest protector (optional at U7/U9).
  • All protective equipment except gloves, helmet, face mask, throat protector and goalkeeper’s leg pads must be worn entirely under the uniform.
  • Coaching staff: are to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet with proper chin strap and hockey skates (except when checking on an injured player or when crossing ice surface to/from the bench).
  • On-ice officials: are to wear CSA approved helmet, with proper chin strap, and hockey skates of non-goalkeeper type.

This can be references in the NB Minor Hokcey Council Operations Manual

Jersey Care Policy


All players will be provided jerseys as follows:

  • U7, U9, U11 – (1) Timbits, MacDonalds jersey, and socks to keep for game play and/or practice. Jersey deposit does not apply.
  • U13AAA, U15AAA, U11AA, U13AA, U15AA, U13, U15, U18 – (2) Jerseys to be used for game play and returned at end of season. Postdated cheque to Central Female Hockey Association of $100 will be collected prior to handing out Jersey’s.  This cheque will not be cashed if Jersey is returned in acceptable condition at end of season.

How to care for your Jersey:

  • Hand wash separately and let air dry (Do not put jersey in dryer)
  • Protect/separate the jerseys from skate blades and Velcro in gear bags
  • Use of garment bags are recommended for game jerseys
  • Sew name bar on back of jersey above number but do not glue or iron on as this will cause damage to the jersey once removed. Name bars are not provided by CFHA but are encouraged. Captain C's and Assistant A's that are provided by individual teams should be sewn on the top of arm. 
  • Return jerseys washed with name bars and captain letters removed at acceptable condition. Acceptable condition is defined as normal wear of the jersey. The condition of the jersey will be noted and recorded by the Team Manager upon assigning it to a player and upon its return.

If above care guidelines are not followed and the jersey requires replacement, the player will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the jersey at $100 per game jersey. Same applies for lost jerseys.